AURALiC Altair G2.1


  • High-End forforsterker med DAC
  • MM-Phono
  • 1 x Analog linjeinngang
  • Toslink, Coax SPDIF, USB, AES/EBU
  • SSD-disk kan installeres for internlagring
  • Tidal, Qobuz, Roon Ready, Spotify Connect, AirPlay, Bluetooth
Sammenliknet mot lillebror ALTAIR G1, kompletteres funksjonaliteten i enda høyere grad med en nydesignet analog input-seksjon. ALTAIR G2.1 har en analog linjeinngang OG en høykvalitets «MM Phono Input» for platespilleren.
Det betyr at Altair G2.1 er en komplett forforsterker med mer eller mindre all funksjonalitet man kunne ønske seg.

Powerful Preamplifier Functionality

As a G2.1 Series product, ALTAIR G2.1 has been developed with properties and features that ensure its performance is considered “next-level,” and allow for it to be used as a stand-alone preamplifier. Analog Volume Control onboard, similar to that on the VEGA G2.1 and based on a resistive ladder design, provides ultra-quiet signal, no matter the input. Class A Orfeo Output Modules allow for an ultra-low-noise and low-distortion signal in the analog domain. Altair G2.1 also houses two separate all-analog inputs, completely bypassing the digital structure and maintaining a pure analog signal from input to out. The first is a line-level analog input, including home theater bypass functionality, and the second is an in-house engineered moving-magnet phono stage for an elegant, direct, and quiet connection to a turntable.

Next-Level Processing Power

With so many demands placed operationally upon the ALTAIR G2.1, the choice of processor was simple. ALTAIR G2.1 utilizes the most powerful of the Tesla platforms, which has more-than ample headroom to handle the challenging number of features and functions found in any AURALiC component. Finally, Dual Femto Second Clocks deliver precisely-timed signals, greatly reducing associated jitter. ALTAIR G2.1 can be controlled by Lightning DS (on Apple iOS devices), is also compatible with other OpenHome-based control software, and is Roon-ready as well. ALTAIR G2.1 can deliver a growing number of streaming services such as Qobuz, Tidal, and Spotify Connect, with more to come soon.

Pure G2.1 Performance

ALTAIR G2.1’s physical construction, as with all G2.1 products, includes Unity Chassis II, a stealth-silent aluminum enclosure encapsulating a highly-effective copper sub- enclosure that protects the advanced internal electronics from outside interference, a massive aluminum base, and a six-spring suspension footer system, all resulting in a quiet, sublime, musical performance.



AURALiC er på kort tid blitt en av bransjens mest attraktive produsenter når det kommer til digital signalforvaltning og musikkstreaming. Alle produktene i AURALiCs G1 og G2.1 serie er basert på selskapets egenutviklede Lightning DS platform - som sørger for fremtidssikkerhet i form av jevnlige oppdateringer.


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