Chord Clearway Power


Chord Company Clearway Power er den perfekte strømforsyningsoppgraderingen til ditt anlegg! Sammenlignet mot ordinære strømkabler reduserer Clearway Power i mye større grad høyfrekvent støy, som man gjerne ofte har mye av i hjemmet.

  • 3x kobberledere
  • PVC innvendig og utvendig isolasjon med høy dempningsfaktor
  • Lengder: 1-3 meter
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Chord Company Clearway Power is the perfect first stage power supply upgrade for any level of system. The most obvious difference between this and a regular mains lead is the double foil shield located under the outer jacket which reduces any interaction with nearby cables and reduces pick-up of the high-frequency noise that is so common in the modern home.

Clearway Power is a unique Chord Company design, hand-built and rigorously tested in the UK. The unique and highly effective dual-foil screen, combined with the high-purity multi-strand copper conductors and high-spec plugs has allowed us to offer an impressive level of performance at an affordable price.

Not only can this cable design improve the overall musical performance of hi-fi and audio components but thanks to the unique shielding system it can also improve picture quality when used in TV and cinema systems.

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