Chord Epic HDMI AOC


Epic HDMI AOC er Chords aller høyest ytende HDMI-kabel! I tillegg til oppgradert mekanikk, bildekvalitet og høy bildefrekvens, gir de optiske kablene enda bedre lydytelse og er immun mot HF -støy.
Tilgjengelig i lengder fra 1 til 20 meter.

  • 8K -ytelse ved 60Hz
  • 4K -ytelse ved 120Hz
  • 48GBps båndbredde
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Epic HDMI AOC is our highest-performance cable. An optical/copper hybrid with HF noise protection. The copper elements have been uprated for improved mechanical isolation, but the most noticeable difference is the advanced HDMI 2.1 chipset.

Epic HDMI AOC is capable of full 8K performance at 60Hz or 4K at 120Hz. While 8K content is still limited it will become more widely available, making this the perfect choice for any installation which doesn’t allow swapping-out cables at a later stage.

Epic HDMI AOC guarantees the best results from current 4K sources but with added peace of mind for the next major video upgrade/s down the line. Alongside the upgraded mechanics, picture quality and high frame rate, the optical cables provide better audio performance and are immune to HF noise. HDMI 2.1 can process image quality up to 10K at 60Hz: something that should be of great interest to demanding gamers and virtual reality applications.

Epic HDMI AOC is available in 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 8m, 10m, 15m & 20m standard lengths. Custom lengths of up to 100m are available by special order.

Following concerns that copper-only cable is being stretched to the limit of its capability, for several years, we have been exploring optical technology for carrying the ever-more demanding signals required by the latest (and future) players, processors and screens. Unlike TOSLINK cables, where the entire signal is carried down optical fibres, HDMI AOC cable is a hybrid of 7 copper cables and 4 optical fibres.

The advantage of optical fibre is that it doesn’t pick up HF noise. The same cannot be said for the copper cables! This potential weakness, coupled with the longer cable lengths involved, means that HF noise on the signal earth is inevitable.

Even though this is a digital ‘optical’ cable, we must ensure that the copper cables are fully protected from external HF noise pollution, so beneath the external PVC jacket we have incorporated a double aluminium foil shielding system.

LENGDE1,0, 10,0, 15,0, 2,0, 20,0, 3,0, 5,0, 8,0
ENHETLengde, Stykk


HDMI CTS certificationUltra high-speed
Bandwidthup to 48GBps
Dynamic rangeDynamic HDR
Operating distance20m+
Audio performance rating (Chord Co standard)OOOO
Primary conductors4 fibre+7 wire
ShieldingAL foil
Cable JacketPVC
HDMI connector shellGold-plated copper
HDMI connector pins19-pin gold-plated copper
TerminationHand soldering and fabrication
HDMI connector backshellZinc alloy
Cable diameter4.8mm
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