Chord Music


Music er toppmodellen fra Chord Company. Dette er det ultimate flaggskipet innen høyttalerkabler!
Standardlengder på 1.5, 2, 3, og 5 meter.


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We waited a long time for the speaker cable to arrive, the company that produces Taylon® insulation doesn’t usually build anything that comes close to audio cables and they took their time.

Nigel Finn – ” We were pretty confident about the design, but the longer we waited for the speaker cable to arrive, the more we listened to ChordMusic interconnects with Sarum speaker cable. The better and better it sounded and it got to the point where I would lie awake at night wondering exactly how we could better the sound we already had.  When the ChordMusic speaker cable finally arrived, I immediately took our first finished set into the demo room on my own. Thankfully, I needn’t have worried”

We knew that different combinations of conductor and insulation material had predictable tonal characteristics, and had long ago settled on silver-plated conductors and PTFE insulation as being the most neutral combination we could find, but Taylon® was a revelation.  Completely phase stable and used as insulation, produced one of the most neutral and uncoloured cables we have heard. We could also refine timing down to individual notes.

A lot of instruments produce an extremely complex timbre, made up of the fundamental notes, associated harmonics and the type of material the instrument is made from. The obvious place to listen for this would be acoustic instruments, but they affect electric guitars and basses as well.  ChordMusic doesn’t just let you hear into the complexity of timbre, it puts the growth, bloom and decay in exactly the right place.

ChordMusic is the first speaker cable to be fitted with Tuned ARAY conductor geometry and like the interconnects, it has a high degree of clarity and transparency, making it possible to hear the extra coherence and detail that the Tuned ARAY geometry brings.

LENGDE1,5, 2,0, 3,0, 5,0
ENHETLengde, Par


Technical Specifications

ConductorHigh purity, heavy silver-plated OFC
ConfigurationTwisted pair
ShieldingIndividually shielded positive and minus conductors. High density silver plated foil and dual silver plated 95% coverage copper braid. PTFE outer jacket
Diameter2 x 8mm
Duet Audio AS
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