Chord Signature Tuned Aray Tonearmkabel


Håndlaget Tuned ARAY tonearmkabel. Utstyrt med rette eller rettvinklede armkontakter. 1,2 m lengde som standard, med tilpassede lengder og andre spesifikasjoner tilgjengelig for bestilling.

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he Signature Tuned ARAY tone arm cable uses separately shielded oxygen free copper silver-plated conductors in Tuned ARAY conductor geometry, PTFE insulation and dual layer foil and high density braid shielding effective to very high frequencies. The outer jacket of each conductor is FEP and the cable is held in the correct configuration with black braided outer jacket.

The cable is fitted with our latest PTFE plug surrounds. While not as strikingly beautiful as the previous acrylic versions, they produce a markedly better performance. There’s a degree of extra clarity and a reduction in mechanical noise.  Enough of an improvement for customers with older cables with acrylic plug surrounds to return their cables to be fitted with the PTFE version.

The hand-built Signature Tuned ARAY tone arm cable can be fitted with straight or right-angle arm connectors. 1.2m length as standard, with custom lengths and other specifications available to order.

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