Clic Model 120S


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Modulbaserte danske designmøbler laget for Hi-Fi.

Gjem høyttalere, elektronikk og kabler for en ryddigere og mer minimalistisk stue.

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Clic Model 120S


All clic models are available in white, black, grey and light grey paint.

All wood doors and drawers are also available in white, black, grey and light grey paint.

Fabric doors are available in 11 colors: Beige, black, bordeaux, brown, dark blue, dusty blue, grey, olive green, red, silver and white.

We use a polyurethan paint on all items. This type of paint is both hardwearing and colorfast.


The clic furniture are Danish design and produced in Denmark.

When we produce a clic furniture, we use a special technique that allows a stabile frame without the use of a fixed back panel.

After the furniture is assembled, we paint it by hand one last time for a perfect finish and sharp edges.



Model 120S has 1 or 3 rooms depending on how you choose to use the furniture.
You can use the full width of the furniture as a Soundbar solution or you can use the furniture in 2 departments for other products.
The furniture has 2 back plates.
The furniture can be open or fitted with 1 big fabric or wooden door. The door on this model opens downwards.

Model 120S has 1 cable hole center in the top plate and 1 cable hole in the bottom of the furniture
Model 120S can also be ordered without cable hole in the top plate. Read more about cable holes here
The back plates are fitted 5 cm. from the back of the furniture. They are fitted with magnets and are removable
The back plates has cable holes, but can also be ordered without. Learn more here
Model 120S can’t be fitted with drawers

FARGEGrå, Hvit, Sort, Trefarget, Valnøtt



H: 205mm W: 1024mm D: 375mm
*Measurements when using model 120S as a sound bar solution


H: 162mm W: 482mm W: 980mm*
D: 314mm D: 213mm*
Without back plate D: 363mm


H: 162mm W: 482mm W: 980mm*
D: 298mm D: 197mm*
Without back plate D: 347mm

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