Dr. Feickert Clean CBPS


Strømforsyning som gir kontinuerlig ren strøm til din Dr. Feickert platespiller. En effektiv oppgradering som henter ut enda mer godlyd fra platespilleren!

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The Clean Continuous Battery Power Supply (CBPS) is a genuine innovation in audio technology. It is the first uninterruptible DC power supply, capable of providing continuous clean power to your turntable, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year…

This Clean CPBS was built to fully isolate our turntables, or any other appropriate devices, from distortion and noise coming from the AC power line. Additionally, it prevents noise that may be generated by your Feickert turntable’s switch mode power supply unit (PSU) from affecting the AC power going to any of your system’s associated equipment.

The performance of each and every Feickert turntable is elevated when using this power supply. And using it is effortless – simply plug it in between the switch mode PSU and your Feickert turntable – could it be any easier? We use an extremely innovative charging technology that avoids any detrimental memory effect on the NiMH batteries used in the Clean CPBS. This technology carefully considers the chemistry of the batteries and avoids any over-voltage when charging. Monitored by a micro-controller, the batteries cannot be overcharged.

Overcharging is the main reason for memory effect and the resulting battery degradation. Our technology preserves your investment, while helping to preserve the environment. The Clean CPBS is able to run full time on battery power. by using two independently working battery circuits. Each circuit consists of four blocks of 6-volt battery packages. The micro-controller measures the charge being taken from the batteries and monitors the voltage.

At a defined minimum power level the micro-controller automatically switches the battery lines in less than one millisecond and starts recharging the circuit previously in use. The result is the purest and cleanest DC one can get… no ripple, no noise, no mains distortion – nothing but purity of sound beyond your expectation.

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