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Doktorens innstegsmodell som likevel spiller fletta av konkurrentene!

Pris for spiller uten arm og pickup.

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The incentive

… not only came from our distributors and dealers. Lots of potential customers asked for a lower priced model preserving our ideals in design, sound and build quality. The question always was, if we can. The answer? Yes, we can!

The mission

?… accomplished! We don’t like to make compromises. But: Many roads lead to Rome and we found new and nice ones. Intransigence can be expensive – but it must NOT. Get surprised!
The new chassis topology is focussed on high mass in the center of the bearing. This new bearing is extremely stiff and robust as well as being a low friction design. High inner inertia and an oil bath wet sump approach make this bearing a perfect partner of our high torque motor design resulting in low rumble and smooth operation.

TYPERMoving Coil Pickup, Moving Magnet Pickup


technical details

belt-drive turntable
quick swap mechanism for armboards
dimensions: 420 mm x 360 mm x 125 mm
armboard: 205 – 240 mm pivot-spindle (9 – 10 inches effective length)
weight: 17,5 kg (w/o tonearm, aluminium platter)
warranty: 2 years (chassis and electronics), 5 years (bearing)

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