English Electric 8Switch


Audiofil 8-porters GbE nettverksswitch som har tatt hifi-verden med storm!



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What’s inside?

Eight audio grade 100/1000 Base-T gigabit Ethernet ports make it possible to connect even the most demanding streaming setups. Significant (ie. audible) improvements can be experienced in music playback via streaming services or music stored on a NAS.
The 8switch features low and high electrical noise isolation, reducing data issues that can often be apparent during the playback of high-resolution material.


English Electric 8 Switch




Resonance-damping feet are also featured to help decouple the 8Switch from unwanted mechanical vibration.

Core technologies

Powered by a customised TCXO (Temperature Compensation Crystal Oscillator), accuracy is 0.1ppm – far higher than normal crystals and higher than a normal TCXO, allowing the 8Switch to generate higher accuracy network signals, which in turn helps provide more stable music data transmission. The power supply and clock generation circuits each have two electrical noise isolation circuits which ensure stable network signals. An EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) absorber helps to further reduce the noise from the digital circuit.

Compare the increased performance and jitter measurement (90% less!) of the 8switch compared to that of a general network switch.

Casing & Power Supply

The machined aluminium enclosure offers excellent protection from both acoustic and electrical noise.
The minimal LED display on the front panel includes power, alarm and the link status/speed for each of the 8 ports.
The medical-grade power adaptor has been designed to reduce electrical noise from AC power and prevent mains quality issues from affecting the network signals. It also boasts high power efficiency, a no-load power consumption < 0.075W and protection from short circuit, overload and over-voltage.

Switches require high speed power supplies so we could not opt for a linear power source due to their speed limitations. We set about improving the power signal by using an extremely high-quality wall supply. This clean supply permits an optimum quality network signal, driven by high-accuracy TCXO clock technology.

Tester og omtaler

“Realistically priced, it really did deliver on its promise of better wired network sound. Careful design, matched with great build quality and finish, plus fine value for money”

English Electric 8Switch – BEST BUY – Hi-Fi Critic June 2020

“the 8Switch has the key characteristics associated with Chord cables, namely great timing and coherence, which are crucial to making reproduced music sound realistic and enjoyable in the home. Add to this its conveniently compact size and high quality fit and finish and you have a product that anyone with a streaming source will find enhances their light entertainment”

English Electric 8Switch – BEST BUY – The Ear June 2020

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