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Elise tube amplifier by Feliks Audio offers exceptionally dynamic sound stage and superb level of detail with the typical “tube” feel. The amplifier is a fully proprietary design, built from high quality, carefully selected components, allowing it to deliver exceptional sound quality on a broad range of headphones, including low impedance headphones (32 ohm). Alternatively, Elise can be used as pre-amp for both tube and transistor amplifiers.



  • Incredibly detailed and dynamic music scene
  • Virtually no backround noise
  • Beautifully hand-crafted
  • New high-end audio class transformer providing improved stability, more power and better resistance to external interference
  • Driver tubes upgraded to high quality PsVane 6SN7 “UK Audio”
  • Broad frequency: 10 Hz – 60 kHz /- 3dB
  • Great tuning potential (via upgraded tubes)
  • Pre-amp mode implemented
  • Input/output safeguards eliminating undesirable power on/off noises and distortions
  • Improved noise reduction circuit

Elise is built with two 6AS7G (also accepts 6080 power tubes and two driver 6SN7 tubes. Power supply is based on a custom made stabilized toroidal transformer with electronic ripple suppression. The amplifier is equipped with automatic bias circuit, therefore no re-tuning is required after changing tubes.Please note that the optimal sound quality will be reached after approximately 30 – 50 hours of run-in.


Feliks Audio is a boutique manufacturer of hand-crafted tube amplifiers, with over 20 years of audio solutions development experience. All our products are in-house engineered, tuned and assembled at our site in Lubliniec (Poland). We create special and unique designs, blending together technology and tradition. Originally, Feliks Audio focused mainly on custom made amplifiers tailored to client’s order. Over the time we have developed many innovative and sophisticated audio solutions. Thanks to that we have gained valuable knowledge and experience across broad range of applications. Our amplifiers, among them Espressivo, Elise and Euforia, have won many supporters across the world. Our products offer a perfect blend of passion for honest sound, great attention to technical details and beautiful finish. We do follow design simplicity, minimizing the number of elements in projected signal path. Thanks to this approach we ensure that the sound produced by our devices is pure and true.

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