FiR Audio M5


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  • Ultra-detaljert og krystallklart lydbilde
  • Verdens første ørepropp med elektrostatiske drivere for diskant
  • Fantastisk byggekvalitet med uendelige muligheter for custom design

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Pure electrostatic ecstasy

The M5 is the showcase of all the best technology FiR has to offer in the IEM space. Sporting a dynamic driver for lows, 3 balanced armatures for midrange and highs and an electrostatic driver to assist the treble reproduction, the M5 maximises its driver count to present an effortlessly massive sound, with shocking clarity and extension on both ends. We’re also proud to be the first in the world to implement the electrostatic drivers, in addition to all the other drivers in the M5, in a tubeless design, paired with the 3rd generation atom pressure release system to provide the M5 with a cavernous, out of head soundstage and a pressure-free listening experience that is well suited to all professional and audiophile use cases.

Like all our other models, the M5 comes with our unbeatable 3 year warranty with the super-reliable RCX connection standard, and unlimited design customisation at no extra charge.

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