Isol-8 Isolink Ultra 1,5m



Isol-8 Isolink Ultra er en seriøs strømkabel for den audiofile!


The IsoLink Ultra places itself firmly in audiophile territory. The high purity copper conductors have been chosen by blind audition. The strand diameter and quantity chosen to be the optimum configuration for sound quality. Great care has been taken with the physical construction to preserve power transmission integrity.

Cables are made by a process of laying up the individual mechanical and electrical components with the outer jacket. The forms of these components are each circular in cross section and leave small voids between the components in the finished cable.

The high peak current pulses the cable has to deliver under typical operating conditions causes the conductors to move relative to one another under magnetostriction. This small dynamic instability in conductor geometry raises the cable noise floor, modulated by the current waveform and degrades performance.

The IsoLink Ultra undergoes a special process during manufacture to fill these small voids with an elastomer to maximise mechanical integrity and minimise this effect.

A carbon loaded polymer screen provides 100% cross sectional coverage to shield the conductions against electromagnetic interference. A flexible synthetic rubber jacket provides the final layer ensuring total mechanical stability with very low loss electrical characteristics.

After careful audition we have selected the audiophile standard Rhodium plated Cardas, Schurter and Neutrik connectors to complete the IsoLink Ultra’s specification.



Diameter:12mm O/D
Product weight:0.4Kg (1.5M EU)
Shipping weight:1Kg
Mains voltage:100 – 260VAC
Cable rating:20 Amps
Maximum current:UK versions fused at 10A (2300VA)