Lake People G109P



Lake People G109P er en headamp med god lydkvalitet og høy byggekvalitet. Balanserte XLR-innganger.


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The Headphone amp G109-P was developed with the target to enable highest transmission quality for low- , medium- and high-impedance headphones.

«The philosophy of headphone amplification, according to Lake People, is simple: high output voltage; high output power; high damping factor due to low output impedance; and low noise through low internal gain. These four essential ingredients are easy to describe but not always easy to achieve. With the G109, and to a lesser extent the G103, Lake People have accomplished those goals.» — John Grandberg, Inner Fidelity.

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– Electronically balanced inputs with gold plated XLR connectors
– Unbalanced inputs, gold plated RCA connectors with priority
– DC coupled amplifiers (switchable)
– PRE-GAIN: Overall gain switchable in 3 steps
– NF trammission band exceeds 150 kHz (-3dB)
– High-grade volume control ALPS RK 27 with optimized channel balance and lowest crosstalk
– Toroidal transformer, large smoothing capacitors
– Discrete amplifier design
– Outputs with relais controlled switch-on delay

UTGANGER3.5mm Jack
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