Musical Surroundings Fozgometer MK I

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The FOZGOMETER represents a breakthrough for adjusting phono system azimuth.



To obtain high performance from a modern phonograph system, the tonearm and pickup cartridge must be properly adjusted to within a few thousands of an inch. There are several alignment gauges available to adjust overhang and offset. To adjust cartridge azimuth (Axial Tilt), it has been necessary to use lab quality equipment and a test record. Azimuth may be adjusted using an oscilloscope, AC voltmeter, or computer program. These methods can be expensive and time consuming.

The FOZGOMETER incorporates a “Log Ratio Detector” developed for surround processor steering logic circuits to measure channel separation over a wide range of signal levels down to -70 dB. The readings are virtually independent of overall signal levels, and can be made with a wide range of input signals without effecting accuracy. It is a small portable battery powered unit that is used in conjunction with a test record. It measures channel separation, channel balance, and signal direction quickly and accurately. Readings are taken without touching the meter, leaving your hands free to work with the tonearm. The meter reads channel separation in both directions, and channel balance. The LED’s indicate Left, Center, and Right signal (test tone) positions.

For best results, we recommend The Ultimate Analogue Test LP by Analogue Productions:

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