Phasemation PP-300 MC


  • Type: Moving Coil
  • Boron Cantilever
  • Impedanse: 4 Ohm
  • 0.28mV Output
  • Compliance: 8.0×10(e-6) cm/dyne (@ 100Hz)
  • Vekt: 11.1g


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We release PP-300, the model of 10th anniversary of our brand establishment, as the new basic model. It has ‘the midrange-treble-part with high freshness’, ‘the resonant bass part’ which the conventional MC cartridge could not realize, and also ‘space expression ability’, because the knowhow of our PP-1000, the Phasemation flagship, has been applied.

1. Feed-back of PP-1000 magnetic circuit technology

To the magnetic circuit structure the technology of PP-1000, the flagship model, is applied; and by refining materials and manufacturing and finishing cost advantage has been enhanced. Furthermore, by changing to samarium-cobalt magnet, the recreation of excellent feeling of sound field and freshness has been successfully realized, which has been difficult for our conventional P-3.

2. Inheriting the Body for High Quality Audio Sound

We inherit duralumin previously-well-acknowledged against P-3 as the materials of base and body. Furthermore, DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) *1) coating is conducted; thereby, the structure excellent at rigidity and vibration-damping characteristics is realized.

*1) DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) is a generic name of carbon film to be produced with vapor phase synthesis utilizing ion processing; and the high rigidity and high electric insulation similar to a diamond are provided for it.

3. Inheriting the Materials for High Quality Audio Sound

We inherit the following materials for high quality audio sound well-established in PP-1000 and others: Cantilever made of pure boron material well-acknowledged previously, magneto coil made of 6N oxygen-free copper wire, pure iron coil bobbin and others.

TYPERMoving Coil Pickup
SLIPINGLine Contact


Magneto methodMoving coil method
Impedance4 ohm
Appropriate stylus pressure2.0 g
Output voltage0.28 mV (1 kHz, 50 mm/s, Horizontal direction)
Compliance8.0×10(e-6) cm/dyne
Playable frequency range10Hz to 30kHz
Separation30 dB or more (1 kHz)
Channel balance1 dB or less (1 kHz)
Mass of body11.1 g
Stylus chipDiamond(Line contact; Curvature: 0.03 x 0.003 mm)
Duet Audio AS
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