Phasemation T-320


  • Høykvalitets Step up transformer for både MM og MC
  • Bytt enkelt mellom MM og MC med et kjapt knappetrykk!

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Adopting a strong chassis structure that follows the T-550 design

The front panel is a rigid box structure having a 10mm thick slanted aluminum panel, a 1.2mm thick copper plating board chassis and a 1.2mm thick copper plating cover. Non-magnetic stainless steel screws are used for assembly to ensure rigidity and reduce magnetic distortion.

MC step-up transformer due to a special split winding structure developed by us.

We adopted our original divided winding wire structure. By winding a low-loss ultra-thick copper wire around a large EI core made of a 0.2mm thick 78% permalloy material, we brought into effect an outstanding frequency characteristic and phase characteristic at a wide band. This achieves outstanding characteristics of excellent linearity for low frequency and high-efficiency gain which reduces phase distortion in the audible band range and brings about a threadlike spatial expression and clearer sound image localization that can fill vitality over the entire range.

Loaded with an MM/MC changing switch

An MM and MC changing switch is located on the front panel which makes it more useful.

FARGEGull, Sort
TYPERMoving Coil Pickup, Moving Magnet Pickup


Best Cartridge’s Output Impedance *11.5 – 40 ohms
Load Impedance47k ohms
Frequency Response10 – 50kHz (+2dB)
DimensionsW: 139 x H: 92 x D: 134
Input / Output Terminals (RCA)Gold Plated Terminals
Duet Audio AS
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