Pro-Ject CD Box DS2


Diskret og kompakt CD-spiller og DAC

  • Slot-in mekanisme
  • 1:1 CD-playback
  • USB DAC som takler PCM opp til 32/384 og DSD256
  • 2 optisk og coax digital inngang
  • Analog line level output
  • Optisk og Coax utgang
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Pro-Ject CD Box DS2

CD Box DS2 – high end CD player and Hi-Res DAC

Nowadays, fewer and fewer people want to invest in a high-end 5.000€ CD player like you might have done many years ago. As CDs continue to lose relevance, eventually it might  just end up as a big black box that sits idle next to the rest of the beautiful HiFi-System. However, the sound quality of those expensive players from back in the day is still sought after by many audiophiles. We want to offer our customers a unit that comes as close as possible to the sound of these old players by making use of modern DAC converters and excellent, sophisticated CD transports. All this, at a price-point that is more competitive in today‘s shifting audio-landscape.

Pure CD players are, in contrast to DVD or Blu-ray Disc players, frequently better in playback of stereo CDs. The drive is specifically optimized for 1:1 playback of the Red Book CDDA standard. It is put in a torsion-resistant cabinet. Our servo system allows real-time scanning with minimal jitter.

But, the CD Box DS2 must also stay an important device that continually sees use in modern stereo systems, which is why it is more than just a regular CD player. The builtin extreme quality AK4490 DAC chip is used by the most renowned companies of the world because of its oustanding sound and performance.

CD Box DS2 offers four digital inputs and can be used as a standalone DAC in addition. The USB input can be used with any computer, it offers high resolution file support for PCM up to 32bit/384kHz and even DSD256. The optical and coaxial inputs can be used up to 24bit/192kHz.

CD Box DS2 also offers digital filters to shape the sound to your liking; five filters for PCM files as well as two filters for DSD can be chosen.

It also offers two digital outputs to further pass a digital signal to another digital to analogue converter. A line level RCA output can be used for any pre- or integrated amplifier.PRO-JECT-CD-BOX-DS2

  • HiRes capable CD player and DAC
  • PCM up to 32/384 and DSD256 (DoP) – via USB input
  • Four digital inputs (2x optical, coaxial, USB B)
  • Two digital outputs (optical, coaxial)
  • Line Level output (RCA)
  • Excellent 4-layer suspended CD transport
  • Blue Tiger CD-80 servo board for 1:1 CD playback
  • Luxurious slot-in mechanism
  • DC power supply (<1 Watt standby power consumption)
  • High contrast dot-matrix display
  • Trigger in and output
  • Solid cabinet protects against vibration and interference
  • Available in silver or black with or without side panels in Eucalyptus or Walnut

Futureproof functionality and diverse feature-set

All this functionality combined makes the CD Box DS2 the digital center-hub of your HiFi system. Upgrade options are possible by connecting external DAC‘s, further adding to CD Box DS2‘s longevity and staying power.

CD Box DS2 offers a very high build quality with its full aluminium cabinet and is available with or without wooden side panels in Eucalyptus or Walnut !

CD Box DS2 is a real delight for any modern music lover and displays a future proof design with its versatility. In respect of the feature set and audio quality, CD Box DS2 is a true audiophile bargain.

FARGESort, Sølv
INNGANGERCoaxial, Optisk, USB
UTGANGERCoaxial, Optisk, RCA


DAC1x AK4490 (32bit/768kHz; DSD256)
SupportsCD, CD-R, CD-RW and Hybrid-SACD (44.1kHz/16bit CD layer only)
Digital inputs1x USB B up to 384kHz/32bits
1x co-axial (S/PDIF) up to192kHz/24bits
2x optical (S/PDIF) up to192kHz/24bits
Digital outputs1x co-axial (S/PDIF)
1x optical (S/PDIF)
Analogue outputs1x RCA Line
Noise Floor>97dbA
Power supply9V/2A DC; 110 – 240V/50, 60Hz
Standby power consumption< 1 Watt
Dimensions W x H x D206 x 71 x 200 mm (alu)
240 x 72 x 200 mm (wood)
Weight1520 g (alu), without power supply
Duet Audio AS
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