Procella P5 IW

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Procella P5 IW er en liten THX-godkjent kinohøyttaler for innbygging i vegg eller tak fra legendariske Procella Audio

  • 5,5″ Mellomtone
  • 1″ pro compression driver
  • 80 graders spredning
  • 119db peak output
  • Hvit og Sort grill
  • THX-godkjent
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Fabulous dynamics but gets the subtle nuance of movies and music correctly as well
RANDY, Procella speaker owner

A true high-performance in-wall in-ceiling speaker for main, surround, and height speakers, the P5iW makes Procella performance unobtrusive in any room.

Versatile enough to perform superbly in any application. The P5iW delivers full Procella performance while disappearing into the room decor. Its uncompromised sonic qualities are identical to the P5 and P5V. It uses the same drivers and crossovers mounted in an MDF back box enclosure designed to the same standards as the standalone speaker cabinets. To blend into any room environment, both black and white flat fabric grilles are provided. These are held in place with Neodymium magnets.

Installers will find it a breeze to mount, thanks to Procella’s quick wing-mounting system. The speaker input terminals are located on the removable front baffle. As are the drivers and crossovers, eliminating the need to remove the entire speaker for service. Like the other P5s, you can wall mount it either horizontally or vertically. It’s 80 degree circular radiation pattern is ideal for ceiling mounts and immersive audio formats. With 119 dB of peak output capability, the P5iW can be used as a main speaker in small to mid-sized rooms and as a surround or height channel speaker in virtually any environment.

FARGEHvit, Sort


IMPEDANCE8 Ohms nominal, Phase angles less than 45 degrees
POWER HANDLINGContinuous 75 Watt, Peak 250 Watt
MAXIMUM SPLin wall/ceiling 113dB continuous, 119dB peak
FREQUENCY RESPONS-3dB points 90Hz and 20kHz
DISPERSION PATTERN-6dB Constant directivity, 80° circular from 2.5kHz
CROSSOVERAsymmetrical and phase aligned 2.2kHz, BSC
COMPONENTSMidrange 5.25” driver with 26mm voice coil in 5 Litre sealed box High Frequency 1” compression driver with a Polyester diaphragm on a Procella designed circular constant directivity wave guide
CONNECTIVITYGold plated large diameter binding posts
FINISHboth white and black flat fabric magnetic grille are included, MDF construction
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTWxH  300 x 470 mm / 6.5 Kg
DEPTHoverall  115 mm / inside wall  98 mm
WALL CUT-OUT1260 x 430 mm
SHIPPING CARTONHxWxD  245 x 400 x 600 mm / 8 Kg
ASSEMBLYSweden 100% QC testing
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