Procella P6 MkII

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Procella P6 MkII er en svært kompakt og elegant installasjonshøyttaler, som tilbyr et svært bredt og dynamisk lydbilde. Svært enkel integrering gjør den perfekt til hjemmekinoen!

  • 90 dB følsomhet
  • Opp til 122 dB volum
  • 8.5 kg
  • 305 x 470 x 125mm dimensjoner
  • 1” neodymium driver

These compact but potent P6 Mk II speakers are one of the most powerful theater systems we’ve heard
LJUD & BILD magazine


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The new P6 Mk II brings Procella reference quality audio and a very wide dynamic range in a slim-profile cabinet (only 125mm / 4.9” deep). This makes it easy for integration with flatscreen, projection screens, and surround speaker environments. A 6.5” high-efficiency woofer driver combines with a new Neodymium high frequency compression driver mounted on a Procella constant directivity waveguide. It produces uncompressed dynamics at high output levels with lifelike clarity for music and movies. P6 Mk II can be utilized as main and surround channel speaker. It can also used as the mid and high frequency module of the full-range P610 loudspeaker. Identical VoicesTM timbre-matched to all other Procella speaker models. It’s speaker grille now covers essentially the entire front baffle, rather than just the speaker’s woofer driver, matching the appearance of the P6V Mk II. with a P15A or P15 subwoofer.

We have already chosen the speakers (for our demo/test room): it must be the P6 Mk II/ P15 from Swedish Procella. These compact but potent speakers are not only one of the most powerful theater systems we’ve heard, but they are also extremely revealing and is therefore a useful tool when we test home cinema amplifiers and other electronics.“
LJUD & BILD magazine



IMPEDANCE8 Ohms nominal, Above 10 Ohm in working range
POWER HANDLINGContinous 100 Watt, Peak 300 Watt
MAXIMUM SPLin baffle wall 116dB continuous, 122dB peak
FREQUENCY RESPONS-3dB points 70Hz and 20kHz
DISPERSION PATTERN-6dB Constant directivity; 90°H x 60°V from 2.0kHz
CROSSOVERAsymmetric Linkwitz-Riley 1,9kHz, BSC
COMPONENTS1” neodymium driver with a Polyester diaphragm on elliptical constant directivity wave guide, Midrange 6.5” driver with 40mm voice coil in 9 litre sealed box
CONNECTIVITYGold plated large diameter binding posts
CONSTRUCTIONVoid free MDF internally cross braced Studio vinyl finish as standard
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT8,5 Kg / 18,7 Lbs, H x W x D / 305 x 470 x 125mm / 12″ x 18 1/2″ x 4 7/8″ / 8,5Kg / 18,7Lbs
SHIPPING CARTON10 Kg / 22 Lbs, H x W x D / 395 x 565 x 245mm / 15 1/2″ x 22 1/8″ x 10″ / 10Kg / 22Lbs
WALL MOUNTInserts for VESA 100 bracket, Wall mount bracket included
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