Procella P815

62.190kr pr. stk (1x P8 og 1x P15Si)

Procella P815 er en proff  THX-godkjent kinohøyttaler laget for større installasjon i baffelvegg eller legendariske Procella Audio.

Bestående av 1 x Procella P8 og 1 x Procella P15Si

  • 15″ Long-throw bass
  • 8″ Mellomtone/Midbass
  • 1,5″ pro compression diskant driver
  • 80 graders spredning
  • 92db følsomhet
  • 132db peak output
  • Sort finish
  • THX-godkjent (pm3)


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We took a leap of faith and decided to use Procella speakers in a very critical home cinema environment. The installation utilized three P815, two P18, three P10 and six P8 speakers. What an amazing surprise.  You owe to yourself and your clients to put these speakers on your very short list. Excellent!

DENNIS ERSKINE, The Erskine Group

The P815 is THX Approved for integration into professional rooms, including THX Certified Screening Rooms and THX pm3 (professional Mixing, Monitoring and Mastering) studios..

The P815 is the direct descendant of the original DTS preview theater main loudspeaker. This reference-quality, precision full-range speaker is designed for large home cinemas, studios, screening rooms and small cinemas. It combines the P8 reference loudspeaker with the P15Si 15” low-frequency module to produce THX cinema reference levels at an incredible 8 meters (over 26 feet). The P815 requires external biamplification. The Procella DA06-DSP two-channel power amplifier or DA2800-DSP four channel amplifier provides both DSP crossover and amplification for the P8 mid/high-frequency module and the P15Si low-frequency module. From revealing the smallest details to producing the awesome impact of a full-scale 96/24 recording or film soundtrack, with the P815 you become one with the performance. Winner of the prestigious CEPro BEST Award from CE Pro magazine and the Exc!te Award from Custom Retailer magazine, the loudspeaker is THX Approved for integration into professional rooms, including THX Certified Screening Rooms and THX pm3 (professional Mixing, Monitoring and Mastering) studios..


Audiophile accuracy and cinema impact make Procella’s P815 the ultimate home cinema/screening room main speaker



MAXIMUM SPLFree-standing 122dB continuous, 126dB peak, in baffle wall 126dB continuous, 132dB peak
FREQUENCY RESPONS-3dB points 40Hz and 20kHz
DISPERSION PATTERN-6dB Constant directivity: 80°H x 50°V from 1.5kHz
CROSSOVER4th Order Linkwitz-Reilly 1.6 kHz and 150Hz
COMPONENTSHigh Frequency 1.5” compression driver with a Polyester diaphragm on (P8) a Procella designed elliptical, Low Frequency 15” driver with 75mm voice coil in 92 (LF815) litre sealed box, Midrange 8” high output driver with 40mm (P8) voice coil in 15 litre sealed box
CONNECTIVITY2 pair gold-plated binding posts
AMPLIFIERDA06-DSP, DA2800-DSP, external, Sold seperately
CONSTRUCTIONVoid free MDF internally cross braced Semi matte textured black paint finish
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTHxWxD 1030 x 480 x 280 mm / 39.2 Kg
SHIPPING CARTONP8 HxWxD 500 x 600 x 300 / 16.9 Kg – P15Si HxWxD 600 x 720 x 400 mm / 29 Kg
INCLUDEDconnecting bracket, Damper feet, Protective grilles
ASSEMBLYSweden 100% QC testing

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