Procella P8iW

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Procella P8 IW er en THX-godkjent kinohøyttaler laget for installasjon i vegg eller tak i større kinoer. Produsert av legendariske Procella Audio.

  • 8″ Mellomtone/Bass
  • 1,5″ pro compression diskant driver
  • 15 grader vinklet
  • 92db følsomhet
  • 128db peak output
  • Sort og hvit grill
  • THX-godkjent
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The P8iW is specifically designed to be used in immersive sound systems, as wide-left or wide-right speakers, as hidden surrounds, or as in-ceiling Atmos/Auro3D speakers. The angled HF waveguide and the square grill shape allow the designer to simply rotate the P8iW to achieve the desired dispersion angle for each position. The P8iW is capable of 122 dB of continuous and 128 dB of peak output.

Based on the award-winning Procella P8 loudspeaker, the P8iW is highly flexible and the optimal high performance in-wall/in-ceiling solution for Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, and DTS:X immersive audio systems.

Its tweeter and waveguide are angled at 15 degrees, giving designers the ability to place all speakers to provide optimal dispersion, whether used for a Top/Height channel, a Wide channel, or an ear-level Main or Surround channel.

The key is the P8iW’s circular waveguide and square enclosure/grille shape. Regardless of the number of channels in a system, each speaker can be oriented so that its high frequencies are directed towards the listeners, while its grille remains visually symmetrical with all the other speakers, whether the speaker needs to be aimed backwards, forwards, sideways, or down.

Its 1.5” compression driver and 8” high-output woofer ensure very wide dynamic range and high output levels in even the largest rooms, capable of 122 dB of continuous and 128 dB of peak output. The circular high frequency waveguide produces 90 degrees of coverage above 1.5 KHz.

Using Procella’s wing-mount system, installation is easy and quick. Its removable front baffle assembly contains the input terminals, drivers and crossover, making access for service a breeze. To accommodate any environment, both black and white grilles are provided with each P8iW.

“Procella knows from sound“
DVICE magazine

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IMPEDANCE8 Ohms nominal, Above 10 Ohm in working range, phase angles less than 30 degrees
POWER HANDLINGContinuous 250 Watt, Peak 1000 Watt
MAXIMUM SPLin-wall 122dB continuous, 128dB peak
FREQUENCY RESPONS-3dB points 70Hz and 20kHz
DISPERSION PATTERN-6db, Constant directivity; 90ºsym from 1,5kHz with15º tilt
CROSSOVER4th Order Linkwitz-Reilly 1.9 kHz
COMPONENTSHigh Frequency 1.5” driver with a Polyester diaphragm on a Procella designed elliptical constant directivity wave guide
CONNECTIVITYGold plated large diameter binding posts
CONSTRUCTIONStudio Vinyl, Void free MDF internally braced
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT12,9Kg / 28,5Lbs, 20-7/8″x 20-7/8″x 7″, 530x530x179mm
SHIPPING CARTON17Kg / 37,5Lbs, 23-5/8″x23-5/8″x15-3/4″, 600x600x400mm
WALL MOUNTin-wall / in-ceiling
INCLUDEDInstallation Guide, white and black grill
ASSEMBLYSweden 100% QC testing
Duet Audio AS
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