Procella V18


Procella V18 er en passiv 2 x 18″ subwoofer designet for kinobruk, der den enten bygges inn i en baffelvegg eller frittstående bak et perforert lerret. Produsert av legendariske Procella Audio.

  • 2 x 18″ Long-throw bass
  • 18Hz
  • Lukket for bedre respons
  • 137db @ 50Hz
  • Sort finish
  • THX-godkjent


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«We outdid ourselves with this subwoofer – the V18 takes Procella low frequency performance to 11 Hz. That’s why we call it The Bass Engine!»

The P18 has long been the standard for low frequency reproduction. But for some, even the P18 wasn’t enough! For them, we created the V18 Bass Engine. Producing 137 dB of continuous output and a peak output of 143 dB, this is truly the new reference standard for subwoofers. In an impressively massive, deep enclosure (unlike the slim P18), Procella’s unique V-Loaded driver configuration produces coupling and compression loading between the drivers, resulting in lower distortion, improved transient response, and reduced cone excursion at high SPL. Its twin 18 inch long-throw pro audio subwoofer drivers have Neodymium magnets and 4 inch voice coils, with added aluminum demodulation rings to decrease distortion. A true subsonic generating engine, its response extends to 18 Hz at high output levels. The V18 requires external power using the rack-mounted Procella DA5000-DSP power amplifier (reconmended), which delivers 1,200W continuous to each driver. The amplifier also provides DSP control to accommodate room boundary conditions. For lifelike low frequencies for both movies and music, the V18 is the ultimate choice!



FREQUENCY RESPONS–3 dB point of 18 Hz
MAXIMUM SPL137dB continuous, 143dB peak @50 Hz
COMPONENTS205 litre sealed box, Aluminum demodulation ring and Neodymium magnets, Dual long-throw professional 18″ drivers with 4″ voice coil
CONSTRUCTIONHeavily internally braced MDF, Semi matte textured black paint finish
IMPEDANCE8 Ohms nominal
CONNECTIVITYGold-plated binding posts, One input per driver
AMPLIFIERDA5000-DSP, external, Sold seperately
LINE VOLTAGE100 – 250V, 40 – 80 Hz
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTHxWxD  520 x 1050 x 670 mm /  74.5 Kg
SHIPPING CARTONHxWxD 1200 x 800 x 750 mm /  93.5 Kg (palletized crate)
INCLUDEDDamper feet, Installation Guide, Protective Grill
ASSEMBLYSweden 100% QC testing
DSP SETTINGSAgainst wall, In baffle wall, In corner

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