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Forforsterker som kan brukes både aktivt og passivt. Med fjernkontroll.


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Schiit Audio

Wait. A passive or active preamp? A relay-switched stepped attenuator volume control for perfect channel matching and unmeasurable distortion? A unique active stage that uses a hybrid tube buffer? And a remote control included? For $349? Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. Get prepared as Schiit rewrites the value equation in home audio the same way we’ve done for the desktop.

Yes, Remote Control Included
When you’re talking about gear that doesn’t sit on your desktop (like our headphone amps), you need the convenience of remote control for volume, input switching, output switching, and muting. Saga includes a custom remote control, standard.
It’s Your Choice: Passive or Active
Go ahead. Run Saga in passive mode for a convenient remote-controlled passive preamp that’s ideal for many systems. If you need to drive long cables, or want to add some “tube sound” switch it to the 6SN7-based hybrid tube buffer—a serious buffer running on 200V rails with vanishingly low distortion.
Relay Stepped Attenuator
Most preamps—passive or active—use a potentiometer for volume control. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, but some pots can have channel imbalance at lower volume levels (so that one channel sounds louder than the other). Saga uses a sophisticated microprocessor-controlled relay-stepped attenuator for perfect channel matching and zero distortion. You can hear it clicking as you turn the volume up and down.
Perfect Companion to Our DACs
Want a remote-controlled system to interface your digital gear with the rest of your system? Stack Saga and Bifrost (or any other of our DACs) for a true no-compromise remote-controlled system.

Technical Data

Frequency Response:   20Hz-20Khz, -0.2db, 3Hz-200KHz, -3dB (active stage)

THD:                            <0.002%, 20Hz-20KHz, at 2V RMS (active stage)

IMD:                            <0.002%, CCIR (active stage)

SNR:                            >108db, A-weighted, referenced to 1V RMS

Crosstalk:                     >-75dB, 20Hz-20KHz

Output Impedance:      180 ohms

Gain:                            Approximately 1 (0dB) through either passive or active stage

Maximum Output:       >10V RMS (active stage)

Inputs:                          5 RCA pairs, selectable via front switch or remote

Outputs:                       2 RCA pairs, selectable via front switch or remote

Buffer Stage:               Hybrid push-pull 6SN7-BJT buffer stage with equalized transconductance

Volume Control:          Relay-switched stepped attenuator with discrete thin-film resistors , 64 1dB steps

Power Supply:             One 24VA transformer with regulated +/-100V rails, plus 6.3VAC heaters and 5VDC for microprocessor

Power Consumption:   25W typical

Size:                             23 x 15 x 5 cm

Weight:                        2,7 kg


Schiit Audio

Schiit Audio